Regular Gutter Cleaning

by superadmin on December 3, 2015 in News

Just as you regularly service your car to ensure it continues to run smoothly, having your gutters cleaned is equally important in preventing water damage to your property. Many of our first time customers only realise their gutters need to be cleaned when it rains and water pours into their property through the ceiling.

  • Regular maintenance for your gutters
  • Stops water coming into your house causing expensive damage internally and externally.
  • Ensures your gutters don’t sag or pull away from the facia due to excess weight and damage their correct fall to the downpipes.
  • Helps to avoid rusting and increases the life of your gutters by 2-3 times.
  • Prevents water pooling which attracts vermin and insects.
  • Provides property owners with reassurance in the bushfire season and during heavy storms.

manlyOur commercial customers (such as the CSIRO, local councils and schools) realise that prevention is better and cheaper than cure. All their properties are assessed and programmed into a cyclic scheduled gutter cleaning service to prevent water and bushfire damage.

Most residential properties have their gutters cleaned once a year and our commercial customers elect to have their properties cleaned every 3 -12 months.

We can organise to give you one less thing to remember with our free friendly reminder service. When we have cleaned your gutters we can advise you of a suitable gutter cleaning program to keep your gutters and downpipes working effectively.

Contact us and one of our friendly team members will visit your site and give you a free fixed price quote and answer any gutter cleaning questions.